Staffing Companies face many challenges when it comes to efficiently recruiting and managing a workforce. We have developed, with our affiliates, a fully featured, cost effective, and easily manageable system that starts with recruiting, flows into accounting, and handles billings. Our accounting for staffing companies bookkeeping solution streamlines the entire process giving you, our client, the time to focus on what matters; the bottom line.

Lescault & Walderman works with software providers that offer recruitment, Time and Expense, and commissions products, to provide a set of solutions that make it possible to increase profit margins and reduce overhead. Our role, when it comes to this trifecta of solutions, is to set-up, train client staff, and help launch these systems successfully.  The customization and utilization of these staffing company bookkeeping products, in unison, takes a great deal of knowledge and experience. The combination of these products and the integration with different accounting software gives our staffing companies a competitive advantage in their marketplace.



Every staffing company faces the challenges of recruiting the correct individuals for the position being requested. Our clients rely on always having potential staff in the pipeline prior to needing to fill that position. Most business owners want an integrated staffing company bookkeeping system from job post to project billing; that is where we come in. We provide the know how and experience needed to implement a completely customizable system that handles everything you need.

Employee/Contractor Management

Staffing agencies are burdened with the need to keep track of all there placements except in the rare cases that you use a flat fee system or perform permenant placements. The two main areas that need to be tracked are the time and expenses related to each individual placed person. Many times staffing firms rely on systems that do not do everything they need or want. These firms utilize paper systems, non-integrated time management systems, and/or systems that do not require approvals. We have proven staffing company bookkeeping systems that will do just about anything you want when it come to time/expense management and approval.

Human Resources Management

Is your HR department cluttered with paper always having to manually audit HR documents. Is it difficult for you to keep track of all the employees and necessary documentation. Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) are becoming more and more needed.


Commissions are a staple of any organization that utilizes a sales staff. However, staffing companies do not only utilize commissions for sales staff; in some cases they pay commissions to recruiter also. Commissions can be a time consuming and problematic task. Not only do you need to calculate the commissions for your staff but you need to empower them with the information they need to know to generate more commissions. This empowerment will aid in your employees success and therefore the companies success as a whole. Manual Commission calculations are a thing of the past. Get low cost, high efficiency solutions that integrate with your back-end!

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