Real Estate entities need to be knowledgeable of all accounting for real estate, regulatory and reporting requirements to ensure the ongoing success of their efforts.  Compliance and transparency are the keys to exhibiting an awareness of these principles for government agencies and shareholders.  Lescault and Walderman understands the intricacies involved in managing and monitoring financial real estate transactions and is uniquely equipped to guide clients through the real estate accounting process.


Tracking and analyzing the individual resources of a real estate firm enables management to properly allocate their financial, human and physical assets.  Lescault and Walderman works with real estate entities to design and implement the systems and procedures that provide this critical financial information.  Building on these components, we are able to provide the following:

  • Business case analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Merger/acquisition advisement
  • REIT conversions


Accounts Receivable for Real Estate Firms

Managing accounts receivable can become a huge burden very quickly for a real estate developer; especially when multi-unit properties are part of your portfolio. Lescault and Walderman is adept at tracking the range of accounts receivable that real estate investors have, and at following up quickly so that cash flow is consistent and bad debt loss is never an issue.

Accounts Payable for Real Estate Firms

Professional real estate investors must work with a wide variety of vendors and service providers and accounts payable can become quite time consuming, which could even lead to expensive late fees or worse when poorly managed. Lescault and Walderman have designed efficient, flexible, and affordable bookkeeping and accounting systems for real estate firms, large and small, so all your debts are paid on time and a realistic financial analysis is produced for better decision-making.

Reconciliations for Real Estate Firms

Account reconciliation should be done on a regular basis and by an impartial third party for the most accurate financial records possible, as well as for protection from any fraudulent activity. Because solid real estate decisions require the most up-to-date financials possible, having Lescault and Walderman regularly perform detailed bank and credit card reconciliations will help ensure reliable financial records and thereby sound, secure property investments.

Cash Flow Management for Real Estate Firms

Proper cash flow management and analysis allows real estate developers to plan future investments while avoiding financial crisis. Hiring Lescault and Walderman to provide cash flow analysis for your real estate development firm will not only assist with meeting these immediate financial planning needs, but will enhance the future profitability of your company.

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